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Brew Your Special Beer


for Father's Day and

International Beer Day


#brewmance is a love for brewing – not just for brewing beer, but also brewing a relationship by doing something you love together.

We'd love for you to show how great this gift is for Father's Day, a Birthday, or any special moment you want to give someone a gift they will never forget, and neither will you.

We'd also love to show the behind the scenes magic that happens the day you begin your brew.  Make sure to tell your following in advance to tune into your Brewmance stories and showcase several fun, loving, real brew moments throughout the process.

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About the campaign

​We're looking for posts promoting Brewferm as a Father’s Day gift and to celebrate International Beer Day. This campaign has limited availability: sign up by 5/19 and we'll email you if you've been selected.

Sign up to receive

Everything you need for a batch of homebrew:

  • 1 Brewferm Deluxe Starter Kit

  • 1 Brewferm bottling kit

  • 1 additional Brewferm beer mix of your choice

Brewferm makes it easy: their Starter Kit has everything you need for a good batch of beer, and the specialized no-boil mixes don't require any cooking or boiling.

What you'll post

Post by between May 28 and August 7:

  • 4x posts on Instagram, Facebook and/or TikTok 

    • 1 of the 4 must be a video

  • 5 stories on Instagram or Facebook

  • 1 additional post on any other platform 

    • Twitter, Blog, Pinterest 

  • Tag

  • Hashtag #HomebrewForDad and #Brewmance

  • Post all content by 08/07/2021

Post timeline & ideas

Use these themes to inspire your posts:

  1. #Brewmance – Celebrate your love for homebrewing with your significant other by brewing a batch of homebrew beer as a couple. Show us that brewing can be a fun hobby for couples.

  2. #HomebrewForDad – Start your batch of homebrew to celebrate Father's Day. You can brew as a family, or let Dad have a special day with his homebrew.


Get creative and show us what makes your beer special through a series of posts:

  • Post 1: Give Dad a Brewferm Starter Kit (promote Father's Day gifting)
    Post between 5/28 - 6/6

  • Post 2: Start brewing
    Post on or before Father’s Day 6/20. Follow either of these themes:

  • Post 3: Bottle your beer
    After your beer has fermented for 7-10 days, start bottling. 

  • Post 4: Enjoy your homebrew on International Beer Day
    Post on 8/7 

Throughout the brewing process: Post stories frequently checking in on your brew during the process (at least 5 stories). 

Sign up to join this campaign by Wednesday, May 19th by clicking the link below.

We’ll notify you by email if you’ve qualified for this campaign.

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