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Share the Love for Morning Bird

Share the Love for Morning Bird

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About the Event

This is the contest you've been waiting for! Share your family's love for Morning Bird and get the chance to win over $300 in cash prizes!💰

You’ve got Morning Bird product, We’ve got cash prizes, let the creativity and competition begin! Prizes and rules are below.

About the Contest

       • Create engaging and trendy videos that show positive bedtime routines with Morning Bird! IG Reels & Tik Tok videos are preferred. Did you know you can earn money with both platforms just for posting videos?!? See the learn more section below for tips and best practices.

Each Morning Bird Contest video should include the following criteria:

       • Content quality - be trendy, get creative and have fun

            • Use trends available on TikTok and Reels to amplify your content

       • Feature Morning Bird products - showcase the product in the most memorable way

            • The star of the video should be the product

            • Family is fun, and being funny works, so have fun and be funny

A friendly reminder:

  • Avoid licenses crossing within the same content. For example, don’t have your little one wear an Avengers shirt when posting about Frozen 2.
  • We’re better together, so let’s celebrate each other. Comment and like each other’s posts 😊

Winners Will Receive:

Great prizes for the best candid moments that inspire your followers:

  • Most Creative Video: $300
  • Best Brand Focused Video: $300
  • Quantity of Posts: $300 (highest amount of quality videos posted)
  • Each category has a runner up: $100

Creative winners; unlimited entries. Chance to win in multiple categories.

Creative Ideas

Get creative on how you can express your love! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Catch your kids sleeping! Share funny or sweet moments of your kids dreaming away.
  • Messy bed, messy head. Share your candid photos with us on the craziest hairdos your little kiddo wakes up with and how their bed looks when they wake up.
  • Start the morning right and help make your little kiddo's bed. Got any cool tips and tricks?
  • How do you wake up your kid in the morning? Share any funny or helpful ways on how you get your kid up and out of bed.
  • Good morning or goodnight fails.
  • Share the most bizarre or unexpected thing you find in your kid's bed.
  • Show us your own creative ideas!


     1. Post as much content between 2/3 - 3/31

               • 1+ IG Reel

                    • Make sure to post your Reel on your main feed too!

     2. Tag

               • @morningbirdhome

     3. Required Hashtag

               • MorningBirdMoments

     4. Recommended Hashtags

               • #CandidKids

               • #GoodMorning

               • #GoodNight

You have two months to enter as many times as you would like!

One video = one entry

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