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Creative Stunts Challenge

Join our Evel Knievel Campaign

Hope you’re ready to get creative with us! Work with your family to create the best, most creative stunts ever using the classic Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle and items around the house.

We have a unique opportunity to get you one of the best classic toys from the 80s, the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle! Join our campaign and receive this super fun and super fast classic toy that’s perfect for every kid, the retro toy collector, or the kid inside you.

Campaign Details

Design, build, crash, succeed,

and start over again!

Here are some ideas to create some great content:

  • Get in the spirit! Dress up and get hyped for your big jump.

  • Build the coolest ramp yet!  What does it take to build the perfect jump? Learn with your family, show time-lapse, or piece together a fun video.

  • Show the most spectacular jump you can get in slow motion

  • How silly can you get with the Stunt Cycle?  Jump over a massive pit of gummy worms or a jello filled kiddie pool!


Guidelines & Requirements

  1. Sign up by Friday, July 24, and receive an authentic Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle ($40 value) in the mail next week. Spots are limited (first come first serve) so don't hesitate!

  2. Post at least 1 Main post 

    • ​Video or image (or both) of the Stunt Cycle jumping off a ramp 

      • slo-mo would be awesome!

    • Get creative. See if you can jump a pit of gummy worms and flaming hot cheetos or 10 diecast cars

    • Let's see lifestyle and action shots/videos with the product. No boring shots of product or packaging only

  3. Post at least 1 Story post

    • Any of the above ideas, or maybe an unboxing video

    • Please tag @evelknieveltoys in the story

  4. Tag: 

  5. When your story expires, send us screenshots of your Story analytics to or DM us
    (ask us for help if needed)

Sign up

If you’d like to receive your gifts and join our campaign, please sign up by clicking on the link below. There are a limited number of gifts, so don’t hesitate!

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